National Disability Insurance Scheme

What is the NDIS? 

To date, nearly 4.5 million Australian suffer from some type of disabilityThe relatively recent National Disability Insurance Scheme will provide about one tenth of these – those under the age of 65 – with funding for supports and services. For many younger people, this is the first opportunity in Australia to receive disability support.

Why NDIS in Australia? 

Introduction of the National Disability Insurance scheme has not been without its ups and downs and was described during its early trials in 2014 by the Capabilities Review Report as “like a plane that took off before it had been fully built and is being completed while it is in the air”. Because the introduction of both the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) were developed at the same time and launched nearly simultaneously, ironing out any problems has been a troublesome task. Disabilities covered by the scheme, changes to the Commission, a functional NDIS portal and the application procedure for NDIS providers of equipment – like Healthcare Equip t/as Zone Medical Pty Ltd have now been tweaked and the scheme in Australia is currently running smoothly.

NDIS Participant
NDIS Participant 2

Services included in National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS provides Australian nationals under the age of 65 with a significant (and permanent) disability with “reasonable and necessary” supports. Applications for NDIS support must prove that these help those concerned to achieve their goals. These goals include independence, involvement in the community, participation in education and employment, and health and well-being. This is an individualised service aimed at improving Quality of Life long before retirement age and has given many parents, guardians, young adults and adults under the age of 65  a new peace of mind. Once an application has been approved, anyone within this age group with a permanent, significant disability can be assured of regular psychological, physical and financial help from NDIS services. The NDIS promises a lifetime approach for approximately half a million significantly and permanently disabled Australians. 

Who is eligible for NDIS support?

To be eligible for NDIS support – to become what is known as an NDIS participant – you need to comply with the following four rules:

  • Have a permanent disability that significantly affects your ability to take part in everyday activities
  • Be aged less than 65 upon NDIS application approval
  • Be an Australian citizen or hold a permanent or Protected Special Category visa
  • Live in AustraliaNat

What is a NDIS Provider?

Every support product used by NDIS participants deemed “reasonable and necessary” can be financed by the new National Disability Insurance Scheme. Approval of financial support is based upon individual needs and not categorised according to disability type, which means you should provide an informative application using clear examples of how an item of medical equipment is necessary to daily well-being and goal achievement. The national NDIS refers to the broad group of individuals, organisations and suppliers that deliver a support service or product to as NDIS participants.

Healthcare Equip t/as Zone Medical is a registered NDIS provider and so an NDIS participant. This means we have proved that we work according to state and territory Quality and Safeguards requirements, adhere to pricing guidelines published in the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogues, and advertise these products in a transparent manner.

Quality and Safeguards requirements have been drawn up by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission – an independent agency working towards the improvement of quality and safety standards of NDIS support materials and services. This means Zone Medical NDIS products fully comply with strict Quality and Safeguard requirements in Australia.

NDIS Provider
NDIS Participant

What medical equipment is covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

The Assistive Technology and Consumables Code Guide lists codes for various NDIS-eligible medical equipment, the approval of which depends upon your individual application. Most of Healthcare Equip products are CORE consumables, meaning medical equipment required to complete a person’s daily living activities and help attain their goals.

The list of NDIS codes is long. Medical equipment supplied by Healthcare Equip which appears on the Consumables Code Guide list 2019 includes:

  • Injection pumps, syringes and catheters
  • Hearing aids
  • Medical transfer equipment
  • Respiratory aspiration units and accessories
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Repairs to the above-listed equipment

National Disability Insurance Scheme Application Advice

When applying for reimbursement for medical equipment at the National Disability Insurance Scheme, remember that every application is an individual case. Plentiful examples of how these items assist in daily life activities is essential, as is proof that these medical devices and accessories are necessary.

Zone Medical Pty Ltd T/A Healthcare Equip is an National Disability Insurance Scheme provider supplying a range of NDIS approved products & consumables. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding one or more of our consumables or products. We are always happy to assist.