Invacare Action 3 Junior Pediatric Wheelchair

A wheelchair that grows with the child. Invacare Action3 Junior is a lightweight, foldable paediatric wheelchair designed for children aged between 3 and 15 years.



Invacare Action 3 Junior Pediatric Wheelchair


Invacare Action3 Junior Pediatric Wheelchair has been developed to match the individual needs of the child and can grow as they grow.

Because a child’s needs will change the Action3 Junior offers a large range of options to accompany the child in their development and to provide the necessary clinical support. All models of Action 3 junior come in attractive, modern styles, designed to appeal to kids.

Grow with Invacare Action3 Junior Pediatric Wheelchair

As children grow and develop, a key feature of a children’s wheelchair is that it can be adjusted to accommodate the child’s individual growth and needs. With the Invacare Action3 Junior pediatric wheelchair, the width of the seat and backrest can be adjusted, as can the height of the arm and footrests. A wide range of options are available on the Action3 Junior to meet every child’s needs in terms of comfort and positioning. 

Pediatric Wheelchair

An individual fit with extensive size combinations

When choosing a paediatric wheelchair, a key factor is ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit for the child. The Action3 Junior comes in one of the most extensive ranges of size combinations with seat width from 205 to 380 mm, offering the right fit for all children, from toddlers to teenagers.

Customise your wheelchair!

A wide range of options is available on the Action3 Junior to meet every child need in term of comfort and positioning. In addition the child can customize his wheelchair and appropriate it thanks to the wide range of frame colours, spoke guards and other options.

Action Junior Pediatric Wheelchair
  • Spoke guard
    Four different types of spoke guards are offered to match the different wheelchair colours and tastes. (#4 = transparent)
  • Transit Version
    We also provide a transit version, with a seat height of 460 mm and 12” plastic rear wheels

Features & Options

  • Seat-width adjustment
    The seat width of the chassis can be adjusted with an innovative telescopic crossbar over 4 seat positions from 205 to 380 mm.
  • Upholstery adjustment
    As the chassis is made wider, so the upholstery on the back and on the seat of the chair can be made wider with Velcro flaps.
  • Table tray
    In addition to the standard slide-on table tray, we offer a swing-away tray which can easily be folded away. Code: 1492956 – Acrylic
  • Adjustable seat height and balance
    For improved driving performance and different height options, the rear wheel can be mounted in 20 different positions.
  • Front stabilizer kit
    A front stabilizer kit is available to increase forward stability for active children who are likely to climb all over the wheelchair and be especially energetic when propelling the wheelchair.
  • Cushion
    A 50 mm bi-density foam cushion is available and follow depth adjustment of the seat upholstery.
Pediatric Wheelchair Frame Colours
Action Junior Pediatric Wheelchair Specs
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Invacare Action 3 Junior Pediatric Wheelchair
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