Manual and power wheelchairs featured in the Healthcare Equip catalogue come with excellent terms of warranty. We ensure all of our chair types are low maintenance, sturdy, safe and easy to clean. The batteries have long lives and short charging times, while manual wheelchairs are lightweight with top suspension and so easy to navigate along rough paths by either the user or the companion.

Independence is important, and Healthcare Equip portable, electric, folding and extra-wide wheelchairs (bariatric) all have one thing in common – they encourage independence both inside the home and out. Have a browse through our selection and compare the specifications to find the right chair for you.

Naturally, Healthcare Equip (NDIS participant) wheelchair prices are competitive and our customer after-care services mean we provide long-term support and advice. All of our mobility aids have been selected according to their extremely high price to quality ratio, ease of use, low weight, lack of small, unnecessary parts and total reliability.

Looking for a upgrade? Electric wheelchairs (power wheelchairs) from Healthcare Equip can deal with various types of terrain on batteries that last longer than many other high-spec models. We ensure the power wheelchairs on offer in our catalogue are low maintenance and provide a range of accessories to increase your independence every day.

Manual foldable wheelchairs should be available for public use in various facilities such as clinics, airports, public transport stations and shopping centres. Having these mobility solutions on hand provides a much-appreciated service to those with limited mobility who do not own their own. When the person in question gets too tired to use their rollator or no longer feels steady with a walking stick, knowing that a wheelchair is available if necessary give a sense of relief and increased confidence.

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