Walking sticks or canes are simple pieces of low-cost mobility equipment ideal for those who require minimal support and possess a relatively high level of balance. Healthcare Equip supplies a range of adjustable sticks with a selection of bases (single foot, tripod or quad-base canes), ergonomic hand or palm grips, and even a model with an integrated folding seat. Every sing-shaft walking aid sold in our catalogue is manufactured from lightweight aluminium to provide a durable, easily portable solution for those who are a little unsteady on their feet or wish to lighten the load on one painful or resting lower limb.

Walking stick pairs are more commonly used by distance walkers (Nordic walking) rather than as mobility aids due to the easy availability and not much higher costs of rollators and walking frames. Buying a single walking stick is often the first step in the mobility aid ladder where balance is not overly affected. Our foldable sticks provide an additional sense of security for those who generally get about without much aid. Offset handles such as in our swan-necked walking sticks (some with additional wrist strap) mean that weight is better distributed as the user walks. Palm grips generally benefit from a straighter stick. Call the Healthcare Equip team and find out which walking stick model best suits you.

For revalidation and rehabilitation facilities, having a small selection of adjustable walking sticks on hand can help patients see how they are progressing and give them the confidence and motivation to aim for a less supportive level of mobility aid.

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