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ShowerBuddy HY5

The HY5 is the jack of all trades in the mobility world, making life easier for caregivers as an all-in-one easily transformable Walker, Bedside Commode, Shower Seat, Raised Toilet Seat, and Wheelchair.

$329.00 $799.00

Shower Buddy

ShowerBuddy HY5: The #1 All-in-One

HY5 is a unique new product helping us remain independent and safe at home. As we age we often need assistance using numerous devices. HY5 is the only device that offers all-in-one functionality to help with all your requirements. Rather than buying multiple devices now you only need 1 – HY5. The HY5 can transform to suit the needs of the user and offers a better alternative to multiple accessibility products.
Walker / Rollator + Shower Chair + Toilet Chair / Raised Seat + Bedside Commode + Portable Travel Chair


  • 136kg (approx. 300lbs) weight capacity
  • 425mm (approx 16.7″) between arms
  • Rolls over toilets
  • Wheels on the back both lock with 1 break
  • Movable arms and handles to convert to wheelchair or to give side access
  • Optional stopper feet instead of front wheels for increased stability stability over maneuverability
  • Built in safety mechanisms
  • Frame made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Safety belts lap and calf or chest and calf
  • No need for tools to assemble
  • Easily collapsible and portable
  •  Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a free fabric seat cover
  • Adjustable height 
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