Walker, wheelie walker, rollator or seat walker … you’ll find these handy mobility tools in plentiful supply at Healthcare Equip. Mobility walkers are designed to be used by people who are still relatively steady on their feet but require a small degree of mobility and balance support and appreciate the opportunity to take a rest or balance a bag as they move around.

Physiotherapists and revalidation department often recommend the purchase of rollators to the elderly, those with neurological disorders that affect balance, and those recovering from surgery or long illness. This is due to the sturdy, four-wheeled construction that provides a higher feeling of confidence in these groups than walking sticks or crutches.

Rollators with baskets, lightweight indoor seat walkers, meal tray walkers, outdoor rollators and extra wide versions sold at Healthcare Equip are all fitted with reliable and durable braking systems and are constructed from lightweight materials. Comfortable seats come in regular or extra wide sizes and customers are often given the option of an integrated backrest. Prefer a forearm walker? We have one of them, too.

Walkers with wheels from Healthcare Equip come with long warranties and can withstand constant use. What is more, our seat walker prices are extremely competitive. Take advantage of our range of sturdy mobility walkers and move around with confidence.

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