For home and vehicle accessibility, Healthcare Equip provides a range of wheelchair ramps and patient lifts to ease mobility and avoid injury both indoors and out.

Healthcare Equip ramps are durable, lightweight, non-slip solutions that significantly improve accessibility for those with restricted mobility who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Some of our foldable lightweight ramps can be brought along for use on public transportation systems where integrated wheelchair lifts have not yet been fitted. Our mobility lifts may also be used in ambulance service vehicles or the cars of private care workers who collect and drop off wheelchair and mobility scooter users at regular (or not so regular) intervals.

We also supply a range of electrically-powered wheelchair lifts or platform lifts that take all of the work out of wheelchair to vehicle or wheelchair to low-rise platform access. These vertical platforms can be folded upwards when not in use, require little to no maintenance and come in various platform sizes, also allowing mobility scooter access. Our wheelchair lifts feature safety rails, non-slip surfaces and responsive controls that allow the lift to fit perfectly in line with the required low-level surface. Wheelchair or mobility scooter users, as well as caregivers, can easily reach and operate all lift controls.

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