Luxury Mobility Scooter Revo 2.0

The Revo 2.0 is a new class of all-in-1 scooter. Made to be tough and dependent the Revo 2.0 is packed full of carefully thought features.


Pride Mobility

Luxury Mobility Scooter Revo 2.0: All-in-1 mid-size scooter.

Feature rich and tough to boot, the Revo 2.0 ensures dependability, utility, ease of use, and comfort.


  • Front and rear suspension
  • Durable and stylish rear bumper
  • Easily accessible tie down points (for transport of unoccupied scooter)
  • Easily adjustable tiller
  • Easily charge the batteries on or off the unit


  • Pride’s exclusive black, flat-free, non-scuffing tires
  • Seat designed for extreme comfort
  • Standard front basket
  • Standard under seat storage
  • Ultra heavy-duty drivetrain with 70 amp controller
  • User-friendly console
  • USB mobile device charging port
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