Finding the right mobility scooter can be a tough task. Finding the right type for your personal needs isn’t always easy. As an NDIS participant, Healthcare Equip is committed to providing the best mobility scooters at the best prices – after all, that is what the NDIS insists upon.

A mobility scooter comes in a range of sizes. It is important to consider your current and future use. Is there a chance that you may need to progress from a lightweight scooter you can load into your car to an all-terrain model? Or are you simply looking for a temporary solution until you get back on your feet? Do you plan on changing your address or making adjustments to your home that will allow your mobility scooter to be used indoors? And will you remain flexible enough to get on and off a static seat or might a swivel chair be useful in the future?

Whatever your current and future requirements, you’ll find at least one solution in the Healthcare Equip catalogue. We supply extra-wide seated mobility scooters for bariatric patients that support significant weights, accessories to allow hands-free mobility scooter control, all-terrain mobility scooters that integrate heavy duty suspension, wide wheels and long battery life for those that like to spend a lot of time outdoors, or small, nippy shopping scooters to make daily life that little bit easier.

Buying a scooter is sometimes not considered when budgets are tight as they require a substantial investment. Thanks to Healthcare Equip payment solutions, you can pay for a mobility scooter in installments. Waiting for NDIS approval? Select the right scooter for you in the Healthcare Equip catalogue and make a small payment that can later be covered by your insurance. Get out and about with a reliable, low-maintenance scooter from Healthcare Equip.

You can be sure Healthcare Equip scooters come equipped with seatbelts, storage solutions, charging cables and battery, as well as a long warranty. For low maintenance scooters that take you where you want to go with the minimum of fuss, simply browse through our catalogue.

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