Trust Care Forearm Crutches – Lets Twist Again

The armrest of the Let’s Twist Again forearm crutches are made of strong plastic and the ergonomically designed handle is made of rubber, giving a steady and comfortable grip. The crutches are made of aluminum which makes the crutch very light.

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Make a statement with these colourful Trust Care Forearm Crutches

Elegant colors and detailed solutions give the crutch a daring design and extraordinary character.

Trustcare Crutches
Strong plastic armrest and ergonomically designed handle
Trustcare Crutches
The height adjustment holes are only on the lower tube, which makes the crutch more elegant. A locking ring makes the crutch even safer and quieter.
Trustcare Crutches
The rubber foot has a grip pattern towards the ground to ensure a steady hold against gravel, asphalt or paving. The ferrule can easily be exchanged.
Trustcare Crutches
The handle is also available with an adhesive reflector.
Trustcare Crutches
The handle is ergonomically designed and tested so that the grip and the palm should rest and be supported comfortably.
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Black, Clear, Green, Orange, Silver, Yellow