Healthcare Equip supplies best Digital Signal Processing (DST) hearing aid on the market. Top connectivity with iOS or Android apps allows wireless hearing aid setting adjustments to suit your individual requirements.

Hearing aids have come a long since the models designed and manufactured in the late 70s. Today’s digital versions are lightweight, tiny and unobtrusive, effective, and able to significantly improve minor to severe hearing loss. The long list of excellent features in modern but inexpensive DST hearing devices are mostly due to recent technologies which include Wide Dynamic Range Compression, Frequency Shaping, Layered Noise Reduction and Adaptive Feedback Cancellation. Together, these technologies make hearing devices adjust to you and your surrounding environment – one of the best examples of how the Internet can instantly improve quality of life.

Healthcare Equip supplies Behind the Ear (BTE), In the Ear (ITE) and Receiver in the Ear (RITE) hearing devices. We only represent recent and innovative hearing aid technologies that are eligible for inclusion according to the NDIS consumables list. Our models are selected with certain specifications in mind such as discrete size, easy adjustability and power. This is why the invisible mini CIC model is not yet listed in the Healthcare Equip catalogue; as this technology moves forward, we might consider adding it to our top hearing aid selection.

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