Perching stools describe multiple use disability aids for seating in and around the home. At Healthcare Equip, we supply perching stools for purchase or hire to individuals and medical healthcare providers that offer additional comfort and simplify various care-giving routines such as washing, dressing and dining.

Waterproof upholstery and coated steel or aluminium frames mean perching stools can be used in as shower stools or in wet rooms. Non-slip feet and very slightly angled seats provide a stable seat for any flat floor surface. Perching stools allow you to take a break when getting dressed, iron clothes in comfort or prepare a meal with minimum standing time. Disability stools represent a single piece of furniture that can be implemented for various care tasks and are handy daily living aids that can be adjusted to individual use with the minimum of fuss.

Many of the Healthcare Equip models feature optional or removable arm rests. We also supply with adjustable or non-adjustable back rests for additional comfort.

Seat areas are padded with wipe-clean, waterproof upholstery, as are back rests and arm rests when featured. Our budget perching stools are popular choices among our less mobile clients as their variety of uses justify their low cost. Also practical temporary solutions for those recovering from varicose vein surgery, lower limb fractures and bariatric surgery.

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