When bed bound, the addition of an over bed table is essential. Purchasing an over bed table should take into account the type of activity the person wants to take part in, the width and type of bed, how mobile the user is and whether the table is a semi-permanent fixture or will be rarely used.

We all associate bed tables with the hospital setting. Unfortunately, this association has meant standard designs and finishes that have hardly varied over the years. Happily, this lack of design is coming to an end and Healthcare Equip have managed to source tried and tested as well as functional and attractive tables and trays that suit a range of purposes.

For avid readers or those who enjoy spending time creating art or doing crosswords or jigsaw puzzles, our larger tilted tables can be found in sturdier 4-legged models that completely slide over any single bed height. We also supply them in weighted-base versions that stand to one side. Over bed or over chair tables supported on one side are also known as cantilever tables. Many of our selection feature excellent adjustability parameters, meaning they can also be used both as over chair and over bed tables.

Our tables come with braked castors to ensure safe use. Some table tops are extendable, allowing for family board games, home offices or shared meals.

Multi-directional castor fittings simplify table positioning. Visible castor brakes can even be set using a grabber device. All table and supporting structure surfaces are wipe-clean and hygienic. Our various tables support different weights – please contact us for advice regarding over bed table types if you are concerned about their levels of stability.

Furthermore, we also supply over bed trays and over chair trays for more temporary solutions during meal times or hygiene routines. These options need very little storage space when folded and packed away and are the ideal solution for temporary situations such as recovery from acute illness or surgery.

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