Risers and recliners, support and positioning chairs and lift chairs are used in countless homes where the act of sitting or rising from a seated position is made difficult due to illness, surgery, neurological disorders, chronic pain, arthritis, coordination and balance issues and muscle weakness.

The act of standing from a seated position requires significant input from the quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscles of the legs, the body core’s abdominal, oblique, lower back, sacrospinal and gluteal muscles, and the biceps, triceps, deltoids and latissimus dorsi or the arms and shoulders. Electronic or lever-controlled lift chairs mean that those with weaker or less coordinated muscles are able to stand more safely and significantly lower the risk of muscle strain injuries that further reduce mobility.

When recovering from any type of surgery that affects one or more of the above-mentioned muscles, a lift chair or riser reduces pain and discomfort. What is more, many of Healthcare Equips lift chair selection are available to rent for short or longer terms. This makes us the ideal partner for revalidation centres and physiotherapy departments across the country.

Simply refer your patients to Healthcare Equip for further assistance.

Generic reclining chairs can often help those with disabilities relax in a more comfortable position but often lack additional features such as elevated seats, neck support, ergonomic levers for manual recliners and easy-to-reach controls. What is more, returning to a seated position often requires a certain degree of muscle power. We supply reclining chairs designed specifically for lack of muscle tone and coordination, adding features such as easy-clean upholstery, castors with brake function, wider bariatric seating to support over 200 kg, integrated and easy-to-reach storage and single, dual or multiple motors for fail-safe comfort. Many models boast tilt seats to further simplify the act of standing from a seated position with high arm-rests for extra support. Contact Healthcare Equip for additional information concerning any of the disability lift chairs in our catalogue that interests you.

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