Healthcare Equip IV poles or drip stands are available in different formats for the homecare setting. We specialise in the supply of professional-grade medical equipment to individuals and carers throughout Australia at extremely competitive prices.

The administering of intravenous therapies in the home is sometimes made difficult due to room architecture, room size and lack of equipment. For home care organisations, making intravenous therapy safer in a non-medical environment is important. This does not only mean keeping an eye open for signs of irritation, extravasation and infection, but making sure gravity plays a role in intravenous therapy flow. However, not every room has the same proportions; sloping roofs or low ceilings can make intravenous therapy difficult. The flow of blood into an intravenous line due to a lack of gravity siphon drainage is not an uncommon event in the home care setting. A lightweight, adjustable IV pole that can adapt to any ceiling height is an affordable solution to this expensive problem. In addition, a portable IV pole can be transported from one home to the next as necessary.

Stainless steel drip stands from Healthcare Equip can be purchased or rented with mono or steel castors, with added base weights for multiple intravenous therapies or large bag saline flushing, with two to six bottle holders or hooks, and in various adjustable heights. Our selection of IV stands suits every home environment.

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