Sometimes it makes more sense to make adjustments to the furniture we already own than to buy something new. Our furniture aids provide temporary or permanent safety features for families with young children, people with medium to high fall risk and those with painful joints or coordination and/or balance problems.

To keep young, curious hands from opening cupboards containing chemicals, we supply child-safe cabinet locks that, while easy for adults to open, provide an extra level of security when children are living in or visiting your home. Childproof cabinet and cupboard locks are also useful where family members suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia are cared for at home.

Corner protection for tables, cupboards and low shelves can help to prevent scalp and facial injury. Healthcare Equip supply various sizes and lengths to make sharp edges less likely to cause open wounds.

You will also find suction handles for temporary aids to those recovering from surgery; these are also a worthwhile investment for more permanent solutions where DIY skills are minimal. We ensure all of our suction grips, handles and bars are reliable and stay put. Contact us for more information regarding maximum force or weight when using one or more in our suction bar selection. For more permanent furniture aids, we have sourced a variety of cupboard and door handles that not only look good, they are easy to manipulate for people suffering from arthritis and coordination disorders.

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