Octave Bariatric Electric Bed

The Octave is a four-sectioned electric bed, designed specifically for bariatric use, and can support up to 350kg of weight.

$15,699.00 Excl. GST

The bariatric solution!

The Octave bed has been designed with the bariatric client in mind with a safe working load of 385kg. The frameless design ensures optimum patient care, further backed by its state of the art electrical profiling system.

  • Bed frame extends to the edges of the bed base: Full width support for better patient support and transferring.
  • Easy to operate hand controls: Change the positioning of the head and foot section, as well as the height of the bed.
  • For home and hospital use: Supporting bariatric patients in all care environments.
  • Complete with transport trolley: For easy handling & storage.
  • Removable head and foot boards: Provides easy access to patients.


  • 1446353-0152 Support handle
  • 14463500-0101 Wooden adapter – kit for fitting wooden side rails
  • 1427875-0101 Wooden side rails
  • 50.57700.MO Lifting pole#
  • 1478730-0152 Transport Trolley#
  • 10 cm extension* 1446498-0152
  • 1451259 Decapo mattress#

    # Included in Full Kit *Up to 2 can be fitted
Octave Specs
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Octave Bariatric Electric Bed
Octave Bariatric Electric Bed Brochure