A good night’s sleep lowers stress and, in turn, lowers chronic inflammation and discomfort. Yet the right mattress and environment is not the only factor those with disabilities need to contend with. Sometimes, simply the act of getting in and out of bed is a source of pain.

Healthcare workers in home settings often recommend that their clients purchase electric beds to simplify care routines and lower the risk of injury and all electric bed users comment on lower discomfort levels at times when the body is waking and ready to start the day or tired and ready to recuperate. The action of easily getting in and out of bed and remaining comfortable once in is taken for granted. For those with a physical disability, this is a goal that can be achieved with the right electric bed. While electric beds are considered a luxury item, for those suffering from joint pain, muscle weakness and chronic pain, beds are efficient and cost-effective disability aids.

We supply a range of solutions to make going to bed, sleep, and waking and rising more pleasant experiences. These are suited to fit all budgets, from complete electric bed units with raising head and foot units and adjustable bed heights to bed and mattress hire. For home care situations, you will find turning beds that enable hygiene routines without putting excess strain on the caregiver or expecting too much from the care receiver. We also supply combination beds for partners with different needs, chair beds for those who find it difficult to leave the comfort of the living room, and beds with electrically assisted entry and exit features.

Making the bedroom a sanctuary is not often considered a priority when living with a physical disability. With Healthcare Equip top reviewed electric beds, your bedroom can once again represent a comfortable place of rest and relaxation.

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