Accessible furniture can be a costly alternative to regular seating, dining and sleeping arrangements. However, their contributions to comfort, risk prevention and ergonomics is priceless. In fact, electric beds have become popular even for young, healthy individuals looking for the ultimate in sleeping comfort, not to mention the added advantages of slowing down the appearance of varicose veins and breakfast in bed. Furthermore, these types of ‘senior-friendly’ furniture are often considered to be assistive technology or daily adaptive equipment for disabled patients under 65 years of age according to the NDIS. Their costs are therefore often much less than expected. Health Equip electric beds have been selected to require little maintenance, support heavy weights and elevate at both ends. Combine with a pressure care mattress overlay or mattress for additional comfort.

You will similarly find a range of attractive and comfortable chairs, stools and recliners as well as electric lift chairs in our range of accessible furniture. Finally, we also provide a number of over-bed tables to provide further assistance to bedbound patients or to those who struggle to be completely independent.

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