Reaching aids, reachers or grabbers are long handles fitted with a hand trigger at one end and grabber mechanism at the other that help our less mobile customers to pick up items without needing to bend or overstretch. Reachers can prevent falls and strain injuries in a wide variety of outdoor, work or home-based situations, such as the picking up dropped keys, letters and lightweight items positioned too high or low for the person in question to comfortably reach.

Healthcare Equip supplies different reaching aid models according to the abilities of the user and the items that need to picked up. These include two-finger triggers, four-finger (full hand) triggers, grabbers with magnets, rotating grabber heads, locking grabber heads and different handle lengths. All of our reaching aids are designed to be lightweight, robust and easy to manipulate and control, even where hand strength is weak. Our less mobile and elderly customers use our range of the best grabber designs in the garden, at home, on litter-picking trips and when shopping.

Reaching aids are also recommended for those recovering from back or shoulder surgery or where casts are used on the upper or lower limbs. An efficient low-cost reaching aid is the perfect device for revalidation and recovery and increases safety and independence in elderly, bedbound or wheelchair bound individuals.

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