Increased independence through the ability to complete daily living activities is Healthcare Equip’s ultimate goal. We supply an extensive range of daily living equipment for everyone facing mobility issues, whether this is due to neurological disorder, increasing age or temporary injury. We ensure all of our daily living aids are designed and manufactured to high standards and perform as promised. Daily living aids at Healthcare Equip are competitively priced with a top price-to-quality ration. Every item has been tested and approved by professionals in the field of physiotherapy and occupational therapy to ensure the safety and comfort of the type of activities most of us take for granted.

Many Healthcare Equip daily living aids are great gift ideas. Easy to use kitchen choppers for those who enjoy preparing gourmet meals but suffer from arthritis, for example. Or perhaps full page magnifiers for family members or friends who enjoy reading magazines with small fonts or need help threading needles. And for those who like to keep their home sparkling clean but suffer from joint pain, what about a battery-operated scrubbing brush?

For homecare organisations and individual caregivers, introducing someone with mobility issues to a daily living aid for the first time is guaranteed to receive a very positive response. The ability to once again pull on a pair of stockings or shoes, to open a jar, to work in the garden or use a pair of scissors without pain or assistance adds to quality of life and reduces risk of injury.

For customers recovering from illness or surgery, budget daily living aids are accessible and useful. Their low cost justifies temporary use and significantly increase comfort and independence during revalidation. Many physiotherapists and caregivers recommend Healthcare Equip products to their clients. This is why we ensure all of our customers are offered a broad selection of aids for home and outdoor activities that have proven their quality and worth, time and time again.

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