Grooming aids for personal grooming help to extend the activities of daily life an individual can carry out, increasing autonomy but also alleviating pain and discomfort.

Healthcare Equip has found a range of helpful grooming aids that experience temporary or long-term difficulties with daily grooming. This may be something as simple as a toenail clipper with magnifying glass or tweezers with magnifier. When, as in the case of arthritis and rheumatism, manipulation is painful, our broad grip grooming equipment in the form of hairbrushes, combs and nail clippers are very much appreciated. For neuropathy where coordination and fine motor skills are affected, items such as the hairdryer stand and push-down nail clippers, together with broad grip brushes and combs, can make grooming sessions more comfortable. For the gentlemen, we have universal razor holders.

Shoulder, upper back, neck and elbow problems prefer pain-free grooming with our range of long-handled brushes and combs (and back scratchers) or a clever device to help put on or take off a bra. Finally, those with lower back problems can take advantage of long-handled devices such as our long-handled toenail scissors. Any more ideas? Please let us know. If we see an item has plenty of positive recommendations from proven users, we’ll consider adding it to our grooming aid catalogue.

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