Homecraft Kings Straight Cutlery Utensils

These standard utensils are mounted in plastic spigots that push tightly into the chosen handle but allow the blade to be angled as desired.



Homecraft Kings Straight Cutlery Utensils


Standard fork with 4 long prongs. 112mm long. 17g


Round-ended lightly serrated knife. 104mm long. 21g

Standard Spoon

Oval shaped and medium sizes. 97mm long. 23g

Junior Spoon

Round and small. 91mm long. 21g


Oval shaped and very small. 84mm long. 17g

Soup Spoon

Round and larger. 80mm long. 21g
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Cutlery Type

Fork, Knife, Standard Spoon, Junior Spoon, Teaspoon, Soup Spoon