There are many different eating aids and drinking aids for the elderly or the disabled available. Often, finding the right one is done by trial and error. Healthcare Equip shortens this process through a catalogue of tried and tested, completely proven disability aid designs that have been recommended by users and healthcare workers. This applies to every one of our listed products, and naturally to our range of mealtime aids.

Easy grip beakers with and without lids are used in every healthcare setting to avoid spills and breakage and we provide a similar model for home use. Our small selection of specialty drinking beakers for adults consists of medically-guided designs that are not only leak resistant and easy to pick up, they require a much lower degrees of manipulation to tip towards the mouth. Often, a well designed adult beaker will negate the need for straws and new designs for drinking aids integrate the important aspect of dignity, avoiding the child-like beaker design and instead turning towards the artistic.

Healthcare Equip supply specially moulded scoop bowls and deep plates to minimise spillage and make mealtimes less frustrating. Together with a wide range of easy-grip and lightweight non-angled and angled cutlery and non-slip table mats, independence is increased and carer contributions during and after mealtimes is reduced. Browse our eating and drinking aids category for more mealtime assistance ideas.

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