Most of us will, at some point, require assistance when getting dressed. Getting ready in the morning is not just a problem for the elderly but affects much larger groups. Sports injuries in the young can make the simple action of putting on a sock nearly impossible. Back pain, one of the most common chronic disorders of men and women of all ages, can mean that tying a shoelace becomes an excruciating task. Diabetic neuropathy or carpal tunnel syndrome can turn buttons into irritating challenges. Frozen shoulder and tennis elbow can turn brushing one’s hair into a dreaded chore. Healthcare workers in homecare settings will be well aware of the many dressing aids available, and Healthcare Equip have been listening hard to their recommendations and feedback and that of individual dressing aid users.

Our dressing aid category includes various easy to implement solutions for putting on and taking off footwear, socks and stockings. Our devices take away the pain and the frustration of doing up buttons and combing hair. Had enough of tying shoelaces? Simply opt for our spring laces.

For helping immobilised individuals to get out of bed or up from a chair or just to sit more comfortably we supply padded leg lifter bands with adjustable foot widths that will expand to wrap around casts or oedematous feet. Do you know of a product we should be adding to our dressing aid catalogue? Please let us know. Healthcare Equip’s goal is to become a single-stop shop for home health care. Your feedback and recommendations count.

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