Healthcare Equip kitchen aids simplify cooking and food preparation for those with limited mobility cause by weakness, pain or a lack of coordination. An important part of daily living activities, food preparation is sometimes made difficult through its packaging, the surface on which preparation takes place, ergonomics and manufacturing standards where a one-shape fits all kettle, saucepan or knife fails to consider a large group of society.

Those suffering from painful and stiff joints are either forced to rely on take-out or ready-made meals rather than risk a flare-up. By using utensils with carefully designed grips, angled knives, easy can, tin, bottle and jar openers, one-hand food preparation devices and knob and tap turners, there is less of a reason to avoid a usually enjoyed activity. The same applies to those suffering from muscle spasms, general weakness either due to the ageing process or recovery from illness and neurological disorders.

Healthcare Equip have searched far and wide to find our customers a full selection of affordable kitchen aids to help those with disabilities enjoy a meaningful daily activity. Increase independence in the kitchen with our range of disability aids designed specifically for meal and drink preparation and serving.

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