BetterLiving Orientation Signage

Designed to help people living with dementia quickly and easily locate the bathroom, toilet, kitchen or bedroom areas.

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BetterLiving Orientation Signage

Available as stickers or foam boards, these Orientation Signs use symbols and imagery and act as visual cues.

Available individually or as a Sticker Kit (bathroom and toilet only).

Key Features

  • Options for toilet, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom
  • Provide strong colour contrast and visual cues
  • Available as stickers or mountable foam boards
  • Colour coded
  • Include mounting device

Self Adhesive Decal Application

Prepare surface
Use methylated spirits to clean, dry and remove all dirt, grease and silicone residue
1 Clean the surface to which the decal will be applied.
2 Mark the decal position with a felt tipped pen.

Apply the decal
1 Peel the decal from its backing sheet and spray a light film of mild soapy water onto the adhesive side of the decal (one drop of liquid per 5 litres of water). If placing the decal face first, cover the front with soapy water. Cover the back if applying the decal back first.
2 Apply to the clean surface and position the decal to the desired position.
3 Using a piece of blunt plastic as a squeegee, apply pressure to the centre of the decal, stroking from the centre out to the edge, to remove and trapped air bubbles.
4 Gently remove the excess water with a soft cloth.
5 Allow to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes.
6 Any remaining air bubbles may be removed by pricking the air bubble with a sharp pin and smoothing out the decal.

Trim to size
Prior to application use a sharp pair of scissors or cutting blade to carefully trim to size.

Care & cleaning
To clean the decal, wipe with a clean damp cloth and dry gently. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or utensils (such as a wire brush).

If faulty or defective only

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Toilet, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom

Size | 300 x 300mm Warranty | Replacement for receipt of faulty or defective product