BetterLiving Orientation Signage Kit

Orientation Signage Kit is designed to help people living with dementia quickly and easily locate the bathroom & toilet.

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Orientation Signage Kit

These Orientation Signs, using symbols and imagery, act as visual cues to help dementia patients quickly and easily locate the bathroom & toilet.

Locating the rooms in the home can be stressful for people suffering from dementia. These Orientation Signs are available as stickers and are easy to adhere or mount on the door of each room in the home.

Key Features

  • Options for toilet & bathroom
  • Provide strong colour contrast and visual cues
  • Available as stickers
  • Colour coded
  • Include mounting device

Self Adhesive Decal Application

Prepare surface
Use methylated spirits to clean, dry and remove all dirt, grease and silicone residue
1 Clean the surface to which the decal will be applied.
2 Mark the decal position with a felt tipped pen.

Apply the decal
1 Peel the decal from its backing sheet and spray a light film
of mild soapy water onto the adhesive side of the decal (one
drop of liquid per 5 litres of water). If placing the decal face first, cover the front with soapy water. Cover the back if applying the decal back first.
2 Apply to the clean surface and position the decal to the desired position.
3 Using a piece of blunt plastic as a squeegee, apply pressure to the centre of the decal, stroking from the centre out to the edge, to remove and trapped air bubbles.
4 Gently remove the excess water with a soft cloth.
5 Allow to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes.
6 Any remaining air bubbles may be removed by pricking the air bubble with a sharp pin and smoothing out the decal.

Trim to size
Prior to application use a sharp pair of scissors or cutting blade to carefully trim to size.

Care & cleaning
To clean the decal, wipe with a clean damp cloth and dry gently. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or utensils (such as a wire brush).

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