Healthcare Equip supplies a small selection of blood monitoring devices such as certified and accurate blood glucose meters and glucose meter accessories, triglyceride strips and Combur urine testing strips that produce simple colour coded references to the presence of glucose, protein, pH, nitrite, ketone, urobilinogen, bilirubin, blood, leukocytes and specific gravity.

Everyblood monitoring testing kit available in the Healthcare Equip catalogue is certified for use in laboratory and medical settings and provides simple, rapid diagnostic and evaluative blood and urine chemical testing for general practitioners, hospitals, occupational health workers and for home use where regular evaluation of glucose levels, kidney and liver function or tracing of microscopic blood can either increase peace of mind or initiate a doctor’s visit.

With the advent of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), diabetic glucose monitoring is beginning to change; however, although these new technologies are relatively accurate, they are known to cause allergies (glue), frequently drop off and are to date only reimbursed by the NDSS for type I diabetics on insulin regimes. This means that finger-prick blood glucose measuring systems are still the most common method of accurate diabetic control.

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